Stayin’ Organized During E-learning

Are E-learning assignments setting your brain into overdrive right now? Are you trying your hardest to focus on your school work but the work just isn’t holding your attention? Do you keep forgetting to check for updates or reminders from your teachers? Then read on because we are going to fix your classwork crisis while the world is trying to fix the Corona crisis!

Create a To-Do List

Example of a To-Do List

A to-do list enables you to put everything you need to do down on paper where you can actually see everything that needs to be done. You could make a Master List consisting of all the assignments that you have been assigned, or you could create a Daily List consisting of the tasks that you need to get done each day. There isn’t anything like the satisfaction of crossing an item off a to-do list! 

Color Coding

Example of Color Coding by Due Date

On your to-do list, color coding can help sort ideas and topics so all the work that you were assigned doesn’t get so overwhelming. You can color code by subject, due date, what day you’re planning to do the assignment or whatever you think will be most useful for you. Color coding also makes your list nicer looking so you will be more likely to read it.

Keeping your Work Organized

You may think that keeping all your work for all seven subjects on your desk will save you from having to get in your book bag and look for one specific notebook everyday, but in reality, piling all your stuff on one surface will probably make an unorganized mess. Or, maybe you’ve spent hours working on E-learning (which I do not recommend) and you’re so tired that you don’t want to take the time to put your things away. Trust me, when we get back from this break you will be glad that all your schoolwork is neatly organized and is placed where it is supposed to go. The “color coding” strategy from earlier and the upcoming “organizing by subject” strategy can help with this! 

Organizing by Subject

An easy way to break your work into smaller groups, is to organize it by subject. Perhaps English is your easiest class, or Spanish has assigned the least work. Get the simple stuff out of the way so that you can make more time for the difficult subjects later. When using this strategy keep deadlines in mind. Don’t do all your Geometry assignments that aren’t due for another week when you have Biology work due tomorrow. Color coding can also help with this strategy!

Setting Reminders

Let’s say you promised your little brother that you would play a quick game with him, or your mom asked you to fold the laundry. Let’s face it. You probably haven’t been working on schoolwork during the whole quarantine, and I don’t blame you. Everyone needs a break. But you don’t want your “break” to turn into a complete ignorance towards your work. Try to set reminders on your phone for when you should work on your assignments and when they are due. Also, download the Google Classroom app on your phone if you don’t have it already and turn on notifications! Most teachers are assigning work on there so this will definitely help keep you in the loop!

Stay Focused

Staying focused allows you to get work done quicker with much more efficiency. The best way to stay focused is to eliminate all distractions. Turn the TV off. Put your phone far away from you. Go into your room where younger siblings are less likely to bother you. Now that you are distraction free, go down your to-do list and get started on your assignments. Remember to take periodic breaks about every hour so you don’t get too irritated or tired from working. 

In all honesty, not many students love schoolwork, but keep in mind that keeping up with your E-learning assignments in an organized fashion during this time will help you in the long run. If you are looking for motivation right now remember the saying: 

 “If not me, who? If not now, when?”

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