By Abbie Smith

Be Thankful For You

By Jahzlyn Smith

Everyone has heard that you should “love yourself”. In fact, you’ve probably been reminded of this by a parent when you talk about how you need to drop a few pounds, or maybe gain a few. But are you really aware of the relevance of self-affirmation? Science has proven that there are multiple benefits of self-love. 

Step One: See yourself as the person you wish to be

If you see yourself as a diamond in your eyes, everyone else is sure to as well. You can’t expect others to see you in a positive light if you don’t already have respect and adoration for yourself. Becoming the person you wish to be does not mean trying to portray a person that you think is perfect; it means improving yourself until you think you are the absolute best version of yourself.

Step Two: Take Care of Yourself

Envisioning yourself as the person you want to be is the first step, but it’s all up to you to take action, whether it’s working on your appearance, your mentality, or your personality. Get a haircut, hit the gym, use to-do lists; try all the different strategizes until you find one that fits you.

Step Three: Set yourself up for Success

This basically just means that you need to put yourself into situations that you know will have a positive outcome. Starting off with a hard-to-obtain goal may just set you back and allow for more disappointment. However, success can boost your self-esteem significantly. 

Step Four: Set Goals and Boundaries

If you want to obtain a certain outcome you have to set goals. Nonetheless, boundaries are a very important step on the path to self acceptance. Setting boundaries doesn’t necessarily meaning limiting yourself. An example of how you can use a boundary in a positive way is by not allowing yourself to give up. For example, accept a challenge by attending a fitness class, set a goal by deciding to attend the class every week for a month, and set boundaries by not allowing yourself to back out. The key to this is to accept a challenge, but don’t set yourself up for failure.

Step Five: Act on what you need and want

Lastly, one of the major keys to happiness is to worry about yourself more than anyone else. Be aware of your needs and wants. Acting on what you want does not necessarily mean buying a ton of donuts because that’s what you want; it means if you want to buy yourself some new clothes, go for it. Or if you want to join the dance team, go for it. No one should care more about you than you!

As you talk about all of the things you’re grateful for on Thanksgiving – Netflix, friends, family, food – remember that you’re also relevant, and someone is grateful to have you. If you can’t be grateful for yourself, how you can you truly be grateful for anything else?

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